6 Mistakes Men Make When Wearing And Buying Sunglasses

Aug 24, 2021

POSTED BY Aaron Marino

Aside from getting through a scorching day, it's natural for men to want sunglasses that look good on them. They are these amazing confidence boosters, and for many are the ultimate accessory to upgrading any outfit.

With a wide selection of styles available to match your effortless swagger, you will never run out of options. However, it is when you prefer style over function that mistakes are often made along the way.

If you're thinking of grabbing a pair anytime soon, be sure to avoid the following blunders before you click that Add To Cart button. You can thank us later.

1. Ignoring Actual Sun Protection

As with most things, not all specs are created equal. It may be ironic, but there are sunglasses that do nothing to block the harmful rays of the sun. Certain chemicals are added to the lenses during their manufacturing process to provide a protective feature.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology suggests looking for at least 99% sun coverage. You can also consider sunnies with a UV 400 rating. This means it can block wavelengths at a maximum of 400 nanometers and is capable of almost 100% UV proofing. If you don't know if your specs have any UV protection, you can go to your optician to have them tested, which is often a free service.

At ENEMY we focus on premium quality, using the world renowned Zeiss Optics to produce our lenses and offering options ranging from Gradient lenses to Polarized lenses. Protection is guaranteed, every lens comes with 100% UVA and UVB protection.

2. Limiting Your Options According To Facial Shape

Many have argued to the contrary, such that people with round faces should opt for rectangular frames. Or only those with strong jawlines can pull off circular frames. They think this is to create that balance or some sort of aesthetic harmony. While round-shaped frames on round faces may make you look, well, too round, it is not exactly a dealbreaker.

First of all, the shape of your frame will neither improve nor will it change your facial form or structure. It's not like rectangular frames can suddenly make your face look more angular. If anything, the shape and style of your frames you choose will reflect a certain lifestyle or project an image whether real or perceived. So yes, use advice as a guide to choose the right frames for your face shape but feel free to grab any pair without worrying if it is suitable for your face shape or not.

Tip: This may be a subjective opinion, but our ENEMY 03 will look fantastic on any man, regardless of the shape of his face. It is perhaps why they have never been out of fashion in the first place.

face shape chart sunglasses

3. Buying Designer Brands

Stripped of their flashy logos, your branded sunglasses may probably look generic. Aesthetics aside, it's also likely with designer sunglasses that a higher price doesn't always translate to higher quality. In fact, some of them don't even have default UV protection.

Not many people know this, but one organisation owns the vast majority of sunglass brands that we all know and wear. This ownership allows them to pretty much control the market, controlling the price we pay for sunglasses and eradicating competition. Simply put, the mark up they have on each pair of sunglasses might surprise you. But at ENEMY we're different, we sell direct to you (the consumer) allowing us to push down the price of our sunglasses, yet we'll rival any designer brand on the market for quality.

4. They Are Either Too Small Or Too Big

We didn't think your face shape should influence your purchase of sunglasses, but buying them in the right size is another matter. Imagine, wearing small lenses on wide set eyes, and vice-versa, you get the picture. You have to make sure that your lens can sufficiently cover your eye area. So what frame size should you get?

The dimensions are presented in three numbers, i.e. 56-18-130. These figures are measurements in millimeters of lens width, bridge width, and single temple length. They are usually laser-etched on the inner temple of your sunglasses. In any case, you can simply take a measuring tape to get your size and find a pair that matches closely, if not exactly.

Tip: Another way to get the right lens size for you is to ensure that the top of your frame sits slightly below your eyebrows and ends down to the two-thirds of your nose. This will be most flattering to your face. We also put together this video and credit card trick to help.

5. Skipping The Cleaning

This is similar to wearing dirty clothes and shoes. An optometrist named Dr Jonathan Wolfe stresses that it should be part of one's eye care routine. Aside from blurring your lenses, sitting dirt can breed bacteria that causes staph infection, based on a study on cleaning methods of spectacles. There is a reason why they usually come with a piece of cloth. Use it specifically because it is designed to protect your lenses which would otherwise get scratches if an ordinary wipe is used.

Tip: You can use a lens cleaner to really improve the cleanliness of your lenses. Our care kit is also the perfect companion, composed of a travel case, cleaner and cloth!

care kit

6. Wearing Them Indoors (and during nighttime)

Guys, this is common sense. Wearing them in an enclosed space let alone at night screams d-bag. Unless you have a medical condition, that's just plain silly and rude.

Tip: Just don't do it. Please.

So what's some of the common mistakes you see men make when it comes to buying and wearing sunglasses?
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