Choosing the Right Sunglasses for Your Face Shape – Made Easy!

Sep 23, 2021

POSTED BY Aaron Marino

There's no denying the impact a good pair of sunglasses can have on your overall appearance, but choosing the wrong pair is a mistake many men make.

According to a survey, 89% of US men wear sunglasses on a regular basis.

So choosing the right sunglasses for your face shape plays the main role. If you are unable to choose the perfect shades that go well with your face cut and complement your style, that's alright. Faces vary in shape. Some are clearly mono-shaped, and some are a combination.

To help you select the best sunglasses for you, we wanted to share some tips to make your selection easier.

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Rounded Rectangle Shaped Face

Good news! Rounded rectangle-faced guys, finding a perfect pair of sunglasses is a no-hard task for you. This shape works with almost three out of our four badass sunglasses designs.

A rounded rectangles face shape has a blend of features. Therefore you have an edge over other face shapes. You can play with different types of sunglasses and enjoy a variety of cool looks.

Say, you can go for Wayfarers (our ENEMY 01's) to give your face a sleeker and stylish look, or opt for Clubmasters (our ENEMY 02's) and nail your office look effortlessly. Moreover, other types of glasses you can wear to amp up your style are the all-time favorite aviators (our ENEMY 03's).

  • Glasses they can wear: ENEMY 01 (Wayfarers), ENEMY 02 (Clubmasters) and ENEMY 03 (Aviators).


Rectangle Shaped Face 

So, you have determined that your face shape is more on the round side than oval and has equal length and width?  If so, you can easily count on Aviators to add some structure and definition to your face.

Also, you can give a Square frame (our ENEMY 04's) a go to offset your rounder facial features.

  • Glasses they can wear: ENEMY 03 (Aviators) and ENEMY 04 (Square frames)


Square Shaped Face 

If you happen to have a square-shaped face that is equal in length and width, worry not. We have options for you as well. You can try your hands on wayfarers to soften your overpowering square impressions.

If round-edged glasses aren’t your thing, how about going with a brow line with Clubmasters?

Still, stuck in the Clubmasters and Wayfarers? When in doubt, go with Aviators. Always!

  • Glasses they can wear: ENEMY 01 (Wayfarers), ENEMY 02 (Clubmasters), and ENEMY 03 (Aviators).



Inverted Triangle Shaped Face

With a lot of arguments going on (that the inverted triangle shape and heart shape are the same), let us help you with a basic difference. Go in front of the mirror (no, no! we are not asking you to draw your face shape) just look at your hairline. If it's straight you have an inverted triangle face shape.

Getting back to the sunglasses, your face shape can pair well with wayfarers, squares, and timeless aviators.

  • Glasses they can wear: ENEMY 01 (Wayfarers), ENEMY 03 (Aviators), and ENEMY 04 (Square frames)


Heart-Shaped Face

We do not doubt that your narrow cheekbones and small chin are photogenic. But, when it comes to picking up the sunglasses, your face shape is the most difficult to decide on. However, Aviators are all-time amazing pair of sunglasses.

You can conveniently pick an Aviator and make a style statement.

  • Glasses they can wear: ENEMY 03 (Aviators)


Rhombus/Diamond Shaped Face 

Diamond is the rarest kind of face shape. When your face is wider at the cheeks and narrower at the forehead, you certainly meet the criteria of a diamond/rhombus shape.

The rarity of your face shape brings in a hell of complexity to select the right sunglasses.

But you can never go wrong with Aviators. They’ll not only add softness to your face but will elevate your style too.

  • Glasses they can wear: ENEMY 03 (Aviators)


Triangle Shaped Face

If you have a smaller forehead and a wider chin line, you can balance your face with our two best-loved eyewear styles. Clubmasters and Aviators.

A triangular face shape means that you have strong angular features.

So, sunglasses that add softness to your face will be the best choice to counterbalance your jawline.

  • Glasses they can wear: ENEMY 02 (Clubmasters), and ENEMY 03 (Aviators)


Oval Shaped Face

Now come the winners of the face shape category.

Oval-faced buddies, congratulations! Your faces are the easiest to style with glasses.

An oval face is taller than its width. So you have a lot of choices to look simply posh. Go with the squared frame or choose a rounded one, take wider lenses or try narrower ones – you have all the freedom. However, you must be a tad bit reluctant about too many squared or rounded lenses.

  • Glasses they can wear: ENEMY 01 (Wayfarers), ENEMY 02 (Clubmasters), ENEMY 03 (Aviators), and ENEMY 04 (Square frames).



Summing Up: 

There you have it – a complete low down of face shapes and the sunglasses that go well with them.

However, when it comes to selecting a nice pair of shades that harmonizes with your facial features and shape, a rule of thumb is: CONTRAST!

Go with what you lack in your features. This will bring a natural balance to your face.

What more is needed to create the most sophisticated look?

All in all, you should wear sunglasses that enhance your personality. But never hesitate to experiment with different eyewear styles. With the experiment, you discover what suits you the best. 

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