How to Spot Cheap Sunglasses

Oct 28, 2021

POSTED BY Aaron Marino

Let's face it, the sunglasses industry is a minefield. With a wide array of styles, brands, sizes and prices to choose from, how do you know when you're getting good value for money?

Finding high quality sunglasses has become a difficult job for buyers. So let’s dive into the details of finding and wearing good quality sunglasses.

How Do People Fall In The Trap and Buy Cheap Sunglasses?

When comparing sunglasses, it's very easy to fall back on price. At first glance, we might believe that a wayfarer is a wayfarer. An aviator is an aviator. But there's so much more that goes into a premium quality pair of sunglasses that isn't always obvious at first glance.

Quality sunglasses are typically expensive for a reason. They offer an originality that a replica or copy can never provide, but they're often also manufactured in a completely different way. From designing to resourcing authentic products, manufacturing to selling, a lot of thought processes and hard work goes into making a single piece of good quality sunglasses hence the heavy price. Well made sunglasses that require more time and detail in the manufacturing process will lead to higher manufacturing costs for the brand, in turn, leading to a higher price point charged to the customer.

But with sunglasses, it isn't always as simple as high price = high quality. With one business owning over 70% of the sunglasses industry, owning the brands you know and wear, this lack of competition allows the pricing of sunglasses to not always reflect higher quality. A brand name you recognise that charges a premium price for their sunglasses, may be charging a higher price simply because of the brand name you know and recognise. Frustrating right?

ENEMY was started to solve this problem. Creating premium quality sunglasses that upgrade your style and sexiness for under $100. Every pair we sell is a custom design, manufactured from some of the highest quality materials to create a higher quality pair of sunglasses that will last you for years.

Spotting Low Quality Sunglasses

No UV Protection

Ultraviolet rays are bad for the eyes. People across the globe do use sunglasses for style purposes only. However, the main reason for using sunglasses while going out is to protect your precious eyes from harmful exposure to sun rays.

Cheap sunglasses are cheap since they reduce the manufacturing cost by utilizing poor-quality lenses. These types of lenses cannot protect the user's eyes from the sun, and some of them might absorb more rays instead of repelling them, causing more harm- let alone providing any benefit.

Whenever you buy a pair of sunglasses, look for 100% UVA and UVB protection. Also look into the manufacturer of the lenses. Every single ENEMY frame comes with 100% UVA and UVB protection and we use Zeiss Optic Lenses, the best in the world to offer the highest quality lens you'll find.

zeiss lenses

Cheaper Metal or Plastic

Quality sunglasses are often made from cheaper metal or plastic to save cost. Brands spend a lot of time finding and sourcing premium quality metal and plastics to produce lightweight and ultra-comfortable sunglasses. This ultimately adds to the price tag.

Once again, do your research on the materials used for the sunglasses you're about to buy. We source all of our Acetate (what the frames are made from) from Italy. We use Mazzucchelli 1849 acetate that makes our sunglasses more durable but also adds to the premium finish.

Buying cheaper plastic or metal frames may save you a couple of bucks at first, but typically the sunglasses are more likely to break or damage meaning you'll be back spending money on another pair soon.

italian acetate

The Hinges  

Before buying a new pair of sunglasses, see how agile they are. Sunglasses are a day to day accessory that we wear, and often or not, they can easily get damaged. The hinges on sunglasses are a good way to identify whether or not they're going to be durable.

It's why we use spring hinges. Hinges that allow for more movement, more flexibility, and essentially create sunglasses that are more durable and are more comfortable. What else could you ask for?

spring hinges

Is Expensive Always Better?

Precisely, No!

Expensive does not necessarily mean you are getting a good deal. Established brands often cash their name and charge unreasonable prices for some sunglasses.

You may find extremely nice sunglasses at a lower cost if you know the difference between good and poor quality sunglasses.

How to Spot the Difference between Fake and Authentic Sunglasses?

Those who are accustomed to wearing sunnies often can spot the difference by just looking at the two- the original and the copy. Newbies, though, face difficulty in finding the right product, especially online.

With more counterfeits entering the market (we've even got brands trying to copy us too now!) - here are some techniques that can help you spot cheap sunglasses, so follow along:

The Serial Number

You may also look for the serial number on the box to ensure you have invested in the right product. Serial number allows you to track the details of the glasses and its material on the official website of the brand. This may help you contact the customer care of the brand in case you find a fault in your glasses. Low quality sunglasses often do not have any serial number attached.

The Quality

Cheap sunglasses have a particularly poor quality that instantly turns off the shopper. The hinges are too tight, the glass looks tinted, the color seems off, or it has a shiny surface. Expensive sunglasses, on the other hand, offer an enormous quality that is worth the price tag.

aaron shades

The Price Tag

This is the most important point. If a sunglass is worth $100, you may find it around $75-$80 on sales. However, if a dealer is offering you the same product for $10 to $15, there are high chances of the product being fake.

The discounted price has to justify the worth of the designer label and the production cost of a pair of expensive sunglasses. Be a smart shopper; always compare the prices with the net worth of the product.

Dealer’s Authenticity

Last but not least, shop from authentic dealers. Always ask the dealers to provide product details, their registration license if applicable, and the original product picture. Shopping from those who offer a money-back guarantee is even better. It's why we only sell direct to you, the consumer. So you know our products are 100% badass and authentic.

Final Word

Buying sunglasses is indeed a bargain; however, a bigger brand name does not always mean high-quality sunglasses, so rather, look for lens quality, material, and durability.

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