Why Wayfarer Sunglasses Will Never Go Out of Style

Dec 23, 2021

POSTED BY Aaron Marino

No sunglasses can rival the popularity of wayfarers – not even aviators. This style has been worn by everyone from Andy Warhol to JFK. Their versatile style and understated silhouette make them universally flattering. If you’re thinking of investing in sunglasses, wayfarers should be top of your list. Our Enemy 01 sunglasses are a reimagined wayfarer, made with premium quality materials.

Understanding the history behind wayfarer sunglasses will give you a newfound appreciation for the style. Like all fashion trends, the wayfarer sunglasses have evolved with time to remain amongst the best-selling sunglasses in the world. This guide gives you an insight into the world of wayfarer sunglasses and why they’re so popular.

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The history of Wayfarer sunglasses

Before wayfarers hit the market in the mid-1950s, sunglasses were predominantly made of metal. Ray-Ban, the brand that was also responsible for the iconic aviator style, launched their wayfarer sunglasses in 1956 through their parent company, Bausch & Lomb. They captured the mid-century fashion trends and quickly gained a following amongst celebrities like Bob Dylan during the 1950s and 60s.

The original wayfarer sunglasses were made using all-plastic frames. The classic wayfarer shape has evolved with time with subtle changes to keep the style at the forefront of fashion trends, become slightly rounder with time. The 1980s saw heavy product placement for the style before it experienced a second way of popularity in the mid-2000s.

With their bold shape, wayfarers are the original molded plastic frames and work for any lifestyle. Whether you’re a city dweller or someone who spends their lives outdoors, wayfarer sunglasses are a best-seller for a reason. These sunglasses have stood the test of time and are the ultimate ‘cool guy’ style that works for every occasion. As a timeless style, wayfarer sunglasses have a streetwear-worthy feel that ticks all the boxes.

Why Wayfarer sunglasses are so popular

Wayfarer sunglasses have been going strong for over 60 years. Part of the popularity of wayfarer sunglasses is their pop culture status. The sunglass style is synonymous with the 1981 film, The Blues Brothers. The style has since appeared in countless films and television shows since the 1980s, adding to the popularity and status of the wayfarer sunglasses.

After a blip in popularity during the ‘90s, wayfarers came back with a bang in the early 2000s and have remained a classic style. Part of their popularity comes from the fact that they’re one of the few sunglasses styles that suits almost every face shape. As the sunglasses have a soft round silhouette, they highlight the contours of your face and help to bring balance to your look.

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Most sunglasses in the wayfarer category take their inspiration from the original style that was popular in the 1950s and 1960s, worn by everyone from President John F. Kennedy to Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

As one of the first all-plastic sunglasses frames, wayfarers are popular for their versatility and fuss-free nature. These are the sunglasses that you can take with you without stressing about keeping them looking new.

The benefits of Wayfarer sunglasses

If you want sunglasses that are classically cool, wayfarers – and our Enemy 01 sunglasses – are the choice for you. These sunglasses are understated and classic, guaranteed to work for almost any occasion. Wayfarers are the ultimate investment style for their timeless shape, versatility, and popularity.

If you’re shopping for sunglasses and don’t know where to start, wayfarers should always be your go-to. The general rule of thumb is to go for sunglasses that are the opposite shape to your face. The softened rounded silhouette of wayfarers means that they flatter almost every face shape.

Wayfarer sunglasses are an easy-to-wear style that you can throw into your backpack for on the go. They’re fuss-free and elevated, guaranteed to add a touch of timeless style to any outfit. These sunglasses work for a laidback weekend look or a special occasion, making them ideal for investment sunglasses or as your signature style.

After over sixty years of going strong, the wayfarer sunglasses show no sign of slowing down. This sunglasses style has become a timeless icon with a rich history in Hollywood and beyond.

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FAQs about Wayfarer sunglasses

Have you got a question about wayfarer sunglasses? We’ve rounded up some of the most frequently asked questions about wayfarer sunglasses below.

  1. What size wayfarer should I get?

You want your wayfarer sunglasses to be proportional to your face shape. If you have a smaller face, you want to choose wayfarers with smaller frames. Wearing wayfarers that are too small or big for you can throw off the balance of your face shape. Our Enemy 01 wayfarer sunglasses are available in two sizes, standard and large.

  1. What to wear with wayfarers?

The beauty of wayfarers is that they’re amongst the most versatile sunglasses on the market. You can easily incorporate them into your everyday closet and style them with everything from your workout gear to a three-piece suit. As a minimalistic style, wayfarers will work with any outfit in your closet.

  1. What face shapes work for wayfarers?

Wayfarers are virtually universally flattering and work for most face shapes. You want to focus on choosing a color that works for your complexion for the best match. Our Enemy 01 wayfarers are available in several colors, guaranteeing that you’ll find an option that works for your skin tone and features.

  1. What famous people have worn wayfarers?

Due to the heavy product placement of wayfarers during the 1980s, virtually every celebrity has been photographed in a pair of wayfarer sunglasses. David Beckham and Tom Cruise are both fans of the style, while John Lennon and James Dean were early adapters of the wayfarer sunglasses in the 50s and 60s.

Are you ready to get your hands on this iconic sunglass style? Wayfarers are a part of fashion history and a cultural icon. You can shop our Enemy 01 wayfarer sunglasses here.

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