Effortless Appeal
The Enemy 01
Truly a frame for all occasions. The ENEMY 01 takes the guesswork out of fashionable framework. Classic size and style - combined with a modern silhouette - makes these glasses a go-to for getting your outfit together.
Black with Blackout Lenses
Matte Black Silver With Blackout Lenses
Matte Black Silver with Gradient Lenses
Tortise with Gradient Lenses
Refined Style
The Enemy 02
The contemporary sophistication of the ENEMY 02 ensures your glasses will be the topic of discussion. With an Italian acetate frome and our signature ENEMY detailing, you'll make a statement, without ever saying a word.
Timeless Expression
The Enemy 03
Oversized and always on point, the definitive seventies frame isn't going anywhere. The ENEMY 03 is a double-bridged, lightweight ode to the decade of free-spirited fashion with both its look and "barely there" feeling.
Black with Gradient Lenses
Matte Black with Gradient Lenses
Silver with Gradient Lenses
Tortise with Gradient Lenses
Bold Statement
The Enemy 04
If you're looking for an oversized frame, look no further than our all new ENEMY 04. The sharp, square frames add structure and definition to all face shapes and the Italian acetate frames make these sunglasses the epitome of luxury.